Know the Star System of Distribution of Electric Energy

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Know the Star System of Distribution of Electric Energy

The Star System is composed of a three-phase transformer powered by the three phases of the primary circuit of electric energy distribution.

The primary bushings H1, H2 and H3 are fed by the 3 primary phases, protected by fuse switches (Matheus) and links specified according to the power of the transformer.

In the secondary output bushings X0, X1, X2 and X3, we will obtain the output voltages, as shown below:

Star System Connection Scheme

The system is powered at 13.8 kV, since the phases are D, E and F, subject discussed in the article on Delta System.

The bushing X0 corresponds to the NEUTRAL of the star system, X1 to phase A, X2 phase B and X3 phase C.

The nominal voltages between Neutral and Phase A, Neutral and Phase B, Neutral and Phase C are equal to 127 V and nominal line voltages equal to 220 V (127/220 V system).

Phases A, B and C are better known in the industry for R, S, and T.

Schematic of a star transformer

Schematic of a star transformer In the star system 220/380 V the nominal voltage between Neutral and Phase is 220 V, and the nominal line voltage is 380 V.

The expression used for voltage calculation in the three-phase system is as follows:

Where: VFN – neutral phase voltage

VFF – phase phase voltage or line voltage

V3 = 1.73 (approximate value, since it is periodic tithe)

According to the star formed by the 3 secondary coils (figure above), we notice that the phase angle between Phases A, B and C is 120º, which keeps the voltages out of phase as shown below:

Three Phase Voltage Diffusion Chart

Three Phase Voltage Diffusion Chart Author’s Note: RMS voltage, from the English Root Mean Square or Effective Value are the line or phase voltages.

Analogy between Star System and Delta System

In the Star System, because of the balanced voltages, we have been able to load loads much higher than the Delta System, which presents unbalanced voltages.

Due to the imbalance between the secondary voltages, the Delta System generates a very large load unbalance in the SEP – Electrical Power System, damaging it, whereas in the Star System, because of the balanced voltages, we can balance the loads with greater ease, keeping the SEP more stable and generating a smaller number of maintenance in the circuits of distribution, transmission and the generation of electric energy.


The Star System is infinitely better than the Delta System in all respects.

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