Opening and Closing Protection and Operation Switches

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Opening and Closing Protection and Operation Switches

The opening and closing of protective and maneuvering keys must follow some procedures contained in the Working Procedures Manual which will be discussed below.

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All activities should be preceded by Preliminary Risk Analysis, use of Personal Protective Equipment and Collective Protection Equipment relevant to the task.

Note that there are identifying tags that show the Key and Primary Circuit number to which it belongs. The data must be checked and passed to the competent sector for conferencing and approval of the opening or closing of the device.

To open a key from the set, we must use a remote-opening switch stick and note that NEVER open the central key first, because if there is a problem with the key when opening it or opening an arcing we are in a situation of imminent accident. work of incalculable proportions, because we will be working between two energized phases.

All key opening operations must be performed with the LOAD BUSTER key opening device.

Load Buster

The first key to open is either side, depending on the wind direction and operator position relative to the key set.

The second key to be opened will be the middle one due to the previously verified wind direction; then the last key opens. Follow work procedures for signaling and temporary grounding for work.

To close the keys we must remove the temporary grounding, signs and make sure that all workers are away from the power grid, and ask the responsible sector for authorization to reenergize the circuit, because there may be other teams working in other parts of the circuit we don’t know.

Once authorized, we will proceed to lock the keys.

Again, the wind direction must be observed and the keys closed.

The first key to be closed should be the most difficult side, taking into account the wind direction and the position of the sun in relation to the operator’s eyes, due to the blindness of the views.

The center switch should NEVER be the last to be closed for the same reasons as opening.

The keys should be closed firmly and precisely, as if the keys hit and do not close, the operator should hold the key in a closed position until the circuit is de-energized at an earlier point, and this may take hours.

If you hit the key and it opens due to a failure in the closing operation, it will open a large electric arc, which can cause serious damage to the company’s assets and occupational accident involving the operator.

Return home the same way you left. No one is waiting for you amputated or in a coffin.

Work safely!

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