Frequently Asked Questions about the Delta Distribution System

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Delta Distribution System

Some frequent questions from site readers and professionals in the area.

Do three-phase equipment manufactured for the Star System work on the Delta System?
Both motors and resistors operate normally in the Delta System.  Only the motor connections must be performed by a qualified professional to avoid damaging the motor.

Is the Delta System in practice the same as the Triangle?
Delta system and triangle is the same thing. It is called a triangle because the representation of the Greek letter delta is a triangle.

One of the differences between the Delta Three Phase System is that the fourth phase (S phase) has higher voltage than the neutral?
Yes. The nominal voltage of the fourth phase (phase S) with respect to the neutral is 200V, while in the star system the phase voltages are balanced (127V between phase and neutral).

I purchased a machine for Star System 220V three phase. When I explained that the three-phase Delta System is here, the supplier did not know how to inform, because it does not know the System.
Several machines manufactured for the Star System are installed in the Delta System, however it is necessary to make the necessary conversions of connections by a qualified professional. There are some connections that differentiate the Delta System from the Star System. It is necessary to check the type of connection of the motor, which can be connected in various ways, according to the wiring diagrams stamped on the nameplate.

Can the same three-phase machine that binds to the Star System be connected to the Delta System?
If the machine came from the factory to work on star it is necessary to adapt the connections to delta system. The operating system of the machine is powered at 127 or 220 V, so it is indifferent to be delta or star to the HMI and CLP.  Who works in the three phase is only the motor and some types of resistors that can be connected in delta.

The neutral of the Delta and Star System is the same, as well as the secondary and primary distribution network. Every neutral grid is interconnected and grounded at specific points.

As more questions arise from readers, professionals and customers, will be added in this article as a review.

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