Voltage Regulator – Medium Voltage

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Voltage Regulator – Medium Voltage

Voltage regulators are equipment installed on long branches of primary circuits that feed low-density regions, particularly in suburban and rural areas where the natural voltage regulation of the circuit is impaired.
The regulators are single phase or three phase, which allows their use in single, two or three phase primary circuits.

Voltage Regulator

It is programmed to start when the primary voltage is below or above the preset primary voltage limits (+ 10% or -10%).

Single-phase voltage regulators can be installed on single-phase lines or by forming two- or three-phase mounted banks in the primary networks. Assembly requires the identification of the source / load side.

The control of the voltage regulator is made by a voltage level and voltage drop compensation sensor of the considered circuit section that allows the automatic adjustment of the regulator position, raising or lowering, in the voltage regulator output, the voltage which receives at the input such that theoretically at a certain point of the primary circuit the voltage is constant.

Single Phase Recloser Bank

Voltage regulator compensation is calculated so that the maximum output voltage of the first downstream installed transformer does not exceed the maximum operating voltage, and that the output voltage of the last transformer does not fall below the minimum operating voltage.


Nominal voltage of a system or circuit

It is the nominal value assigned to the system or circuit of a given voltage class for the purpose of its convenient designation.

Nominal voltage refers to line voltage (phase-to-phase voltage), not phase to neutral voltage, and applies to all parts of the system or circuit.

Service voltage

It is the voltage to which the operating characteristics and performance of the equipment are referred.

Regulated Circuit

It is the circuit connected to the voltage regulator output and in which one wishes to control the voltage, phase relationship or both. The voltage can be kept constant at any point of the regulated circuit.

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